In embryo is a newspaper with radical, metaphysical, philosophical, and holistic themes. My goal with this project is more of a revolutionary expression addressing the anachronistic. We will solicit artists and advertise small businesses, cultivate artistic relationships and write manifesto style thought.

On that note, it will not be literary journal focused. Though we will still accept few submissions, we will not be publishing simply poetry and art. Envision cut up collages, anti-society ramblings, psychedelic experiences, typewritten form and holistic recipes.

Our themes for this newspaper publication are the same as listed on the website, and as follows:

  • The Anachronistic (Vintage & Antiques)

  • The Artistic and Literary Revolution

  • Psychedelia (Hyperspace, experiences)

  • Spiritual (Buddhism, Tantra, Hare Krishna)

  • Deities/Goddesses/Angels

  • Holistic/Herbal/Handmade

  • Mythology

  • Surrealism

  • The Beat Generation, Dada

  • Metaphysical/Philosophical

  • sex as Sacred

more information here

They must follow the solicited themes.

2 submission limit per person per issue, besides from the solicited artists.


Each contributor accepted for the newspaper will get a free copy.

FOR THE ONLINE publication:

We are not currently accepting submissions.


We are more general with what we will accept for the online publication Jars of Wine.

If you submit or have submitted to our online publication Jars of Wine, your pieces have been considered for this new branch of Angelical Ravings.

Art: You can submit up to 3 pieces.

The pieces submitted must be in black and white.

Poetry: You can submit up to 3 poems.

We especially love prose poetry. There is no word count limit on poetry.

Short Stories: We are only accepting short stories

for the online issue. The word count limit is 3,500 words.

The work can be previously published, just tell us where it was submitted elsewhere and make sure it is okay with the other publication.

Simultaneous submissions are okay. If your work gets declined please wait till the next issue ends before submitting again. ​


Unfortunately, we can not pay contributors right now, but when we earn enough money we hope to reimburse contributors nicely.

Along with your submission, please send an author's bio written in 3rd person. Each piece requires a title. In the subject of the email, put your name and the title of the piece(s)

All rights belong to the Author. However if we are the first to publish your piece, we'd love if you mentioned you were first published with Angelical Ravings!

PLEASE SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO: angelicalravingssub@gmail.com




By Harley Claes

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