Harley Claes

HARLEY CLAES is a Buddhist Filipino poet, perfume maker and novelist from Detroit, Michigan. She curated all of the pieces in the zine, wishing to pay homage to all of the innovative artists that deserve a voice. Her work is oftentimes anachronistic, mystical, philosophical and holy erotic. She is the author of Pity The Poetics, Love Inertia, and EX-CUSES, CONSCIOUS AFFIRMATIONS and THE END OF THE WORLD forthcoming is her metaphysical novella The House of Wonders, which is currently seeking an experimental publisher. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in 12+ literary journals. Many of her dear past times include plant care, collecting antiques, zine-making and ritual for the Buddhist deity KURUKULLA.


Harley also runs the apothecary, The Fragrance Temple, a perfumery and herbal business that will hopefully be available online in the near future. 

She also sells vintage clothing and antiques on her depop @babybodhiisattva her store is otherwise known as Vile Cherub Vintage.

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By Harley Claes

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