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Important Announcement

The cover of Angelical Ravings Zine Issue 4: Childhood Hymns

With the recent publication of Issue 4: Childhood Hymns and the listing of the physical bundles for sale, It has come time to announce a beautiful new beginning and a bittersweet end for Angelical Ravings.The Handsewn form of the zines can be very demanding on time and devotion. Because of that it was so restricting on the amount of pages and content we were able to publish. Because of that, we are in the process of evolving. In embryo is a newspaper with radical, metaphysical, philosophical, and holistic themes. My goal with this project is more of a revolutionary expression addressing the anachronistic. We will solicit artists and advertise small businesses, cultivate artistic relationships and write manifesto style thought. On that note, it will not be literary journal focused. Though we will still accept few submissions, we will not be publishing simply poetry and art. Envision cut up collages, anti-society ramblings, psychedelic experiences, typewritten form and holistic recipes. This was the basis for the original idea of Angelical Ravings, but the physical limitations and limitations of program left me working with a very specific template. Upon researching the art and manner of newspaper making, I have found platforms that would be perfect for creating the free flow vision of our eclectic magazine. It will be a longer process of creation and not as regular as the zines seasonal fare, however there will be more variety in content form. Because these will be produced in mass by a company rather than my own hands, I will have more to donate to artistic venues and events and give as tokens to other artists. There will also be a subscription option at a reasonable price.

Our themes for this newspaper publication are the same as listed on the website, and as follows:

-The Anachronistic (Vintage & Antiques)

-The Artistic and Literary Revolution

-Psychedelia (Hyperspace, experiences)

-Spiritual (Buddhism, Tantra, Hare Krishna)





-The Beat Generation, Dada


-Sex as Sacred

The Zines will still be physically produced for a while, but they will eventually become a rarity. My personal suggestion is to invest in a physical copy as soon as possible if you are interested, as the Angelical Zine era has passed. I sold out of the first batch of the Angelical Ravings Zine bundle, but as soon as I finish those orders I will relist more. To continue support of the artists and the craft, I will do everything in my power to distribute these zines, promote them, and sell them even as Angelical adapts. Angelical ravings was and will continue to be a conversational piece. I distribute the zines to artists I believe it will resonate with, and I will also be leaving them at libraries, cafes, holistic shops, bookstores and so on in attempt to further these artists recognition.

With this new project it will be a clear expression of the curators mindflow and an aesthetic journey, but most of all a way of communicating between a community of like-minded artists.

We call this project Angelical Ravings Press. It will be an uprooting, an experiment with metaphysics, a modern cusp antique. Holy unique. Submissions/Acceptances from the Visual issue will be included in this newspaper instead. If you submit or have submitted to our online publication Jars of Wine, your pieces have been considered for this new branch of Angelical Ravings. Again, we want this newspaper to be a conversation between rambling artists between the pages, their art expressed wholly, aesthetics unbottled. We are very excited to begin and later unravel this big vision with you.






By Harley Claes

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