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The Divine Appointment by Emma Bhictoria

The Divine Appointment Do not be foolish and procrastinate the journey within, you have been waiting for you for all of eternity. Meet yourself at the dusk of dawn, in the divine chambers of your heart. The guards of fear will be fought with your sword of love. This is the moment you have been seeking your whole life. The sacred reunion with yourself. Running into your own arms, Melting into one. Merging heart body and mind. The evidence of your awakening is left to shine. Come home to yourself, And watch everything in existence come home with you. Then watch death become alive in front of your own eyes. It is when you truly saw yourself for the first time, God woke up to itself as the entire universe. The divine appointment is now. You must go. Emma Bhictoria is a a twenty year old college student living in South Lake Tahoe, CA. She loves mindfulness, spirituality, and living a healthy lifestyle. She also loves any form of art and feels deeply moved by films, photography, music, and so forth. She is a beginner poet and find immense joy in being able to express herself through writing.






By Harley Claes

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